Dr. Ankita Patil

Most Complication after cataract surgery .
PCO happens when a film of tissue forms in the capsule behind the lens implant, which decreases the clarity of your vision.


Hazy, cloudy or blurred vision
Double vision
Glare or ‘halo’ effect around lights
Reduced ability to focus

If you are wondering how quickly PCO can develop after cataract surgery, the simple answer is – it varies.


Dr Ankita Patil provide a procedure called YAG laser capsulotomy to restore your vision. This is usually a safe, painless outpatient procedure that takes just a few minutes.

If you have cloudy or blurry vision after cataract surgery, book an appointment at MUMBAI ORTHO & EYE CLINIC to get tested for posterior capsule opacification.

Our expert ophthalmologists Dr Ankita Patil can diagnose your condition and offer a fast resolution.