Dr. Ankita Patil

A chalazion is an eye condition that commonly occurs due to inflammation around the opening of the oil glands at the base of your eyelashes. This is called blepharitis. As a result, a small chalazion cyst or lump develops in the eyelid, however, they tend to only last a few weeks and are typically not painful.


The inflammation is caused by a bacteria found on your skin. When the openings of the small oil glands around your lashes become blocked by inflammation, a small tender swelling will occur in the lid. This is known as a chalazion.

Other risk factors include
1)rosacea – a common skin condition which can affect the eyelids and eye area.
2)rubbing of eyes
3)recurrent blepharitis


A small lump on an eyelid.
mild pain or irritation

Note-There is a chance of infection.
Sight is not affected.


Applying a warm compress to the area for 10-15 minutes and gently massaging the eyelids daily for a few minutes can help to soften oil blockages and effectively drain to the ducts. To prevent further discomfort, avoid touching the affected area once it starts to drain and ensure you keep it clean. Avoid wearing eye makeup and contact lenses throughout the chalazion healing stages.

Surgical option – chalazion incision and drainage if it donor resolves by medication.
This chalazion removal procedure done by Dr Ankita Patil will leave no visible scarring.

As an alternative to surgery,Dr Ankita Patil may administer a corticosteroid steroid injection(intralesional injection)into the chalazion, which can potentially result in lightening of the skin surrounding the area

Dr Ankita Patil is an experienced consultant ophthalmic surgeons to assess your chalazion and to advise on your treatment options

If chalazions continue to occur again, Dr Ankita Patil may also conduct a biopsy by removing a small tissue sample from the chalazion lump. This will be examined for any indications of other serious medical conditions, such as cancer.